On May 12, 2015  I lost my Papa to cancer and the world lost a great artist and man. 

please post your comments, stories and memories. 

R.I.P. Robin Bluebeard Page

On May 12, 2015 the world lost a great artist and I lost my beloved Papa. Please feel free to comment here with your memories, stories or messages. May 30-31st, 2015 is Robin's Memorial Weekend, so if you would like to be in the company of his old friends come back on that date and post your comments. SCROLL DOWN PAGE TO COMMENTS LINK.  

If you have photos of Robin or his performances that you wish to add, please email them to They will be formatted to fit the website and uploaded to the RIP BLOG GALLERY, SEE LINK BELOW.

                                                   Robin created this image shortly before his death. It was sent out to his friends as an announcement.