RIP blog Gallery

This is the R.I.P Robin Bluebeard Page Gallery. These are contributions sent in by various people that knew Robin. KEEP SCROLLING DOWN THE PAGE TO SEE MORE IMAGES AND SLIDESHOWS.

Peter Golding sent these photos in - some old, some new, and a couple by Blue

Brothers -  Robin, Dan & Jonathan Page

brothers. jpg

"Robin was a very good friend of my father, Stass Paraskos, back in the 1960s, when they were both in Leeds. My father died this time last year, so I know something of the pain you are going through. This is a photograph of a painting my father made of Robin, I think around 1965, which I think will be of interest."

Michael Paraskos

                                                            Robin & Carol Page, Painting by Stass Paraskos, image courtesy Michael Paraskos

                                                            Robin & Carol Page, Painting by Stass Paraskos, image courtesy Michael Paraskos

"We are having always a great memory of Robin and appreciate how important his influence was for our personal and artist life!  Thanks for keeping him alive! "

Doro and Saba 

Oly from Wales sent in this great photo  "Robin in the Navy"



On my 30th birthday my friends prepared a surprise party for me in my attic... I really didn´t have a clue! They came in, one by one, and around seven Robin appeared with a friend, a case of beer and a bottle of ??? and the little painting in hands as a birthday gift! I WAS SO THRILLED, because it was so darn personal!

I worked on a toothbrush series in those days, a part of it was to explain/describe the art world via toothbrushes; so I made some object cases and filled them with "artist brushes" - the "Christo-brush" (wrapped with fabric), the Beuys-brush (covered with fat), the George Segal brush (in plaster) and on and on and on... Some objekt cases later I made an academy case, with all the working professors... In pic 003 you will see from left to thr right "the Paolozzi brush", "the page brush", "the Spoerri brush" and "the Führunk brush". "The page brush" was inspired by Robin's series "In case of emergency complete this sculpture" (you know it, I am sure!)... When we met again in 1987 I told him what I did and that I almost cut my thumb off while making it, he laughed out loud, smiled at me and said "DON`T mess with daddy!" - Manuel Gollek

Robin's PROTEST MARCH Leeds 1967

 "As I was marching I only took slides at the beginning and the end. The parade went all through the city centre main shopping area on a Saturday afternoon, with great acclaim from the crowd. and then up Woodhouse lane to Hyde Park" - David Seeger